Etsy Essentials: Key Nuggets for Success

Each instance where a potential customer fails to click or visit your shop due to the first image listing photos represents a lost opportunity for a sale.

Improve your product photos.  Photos play a very important role in selling online products, not just on Etsy.

  • high quality photos - clear and bright. 
  • daylight is a great light source and does not cost you anything. 
  • photo taken on a solid background - preferably white - enhances the product and lessons the number of distractions. 
  • photos from all angles and sides - the smallest details count 
  • include video - this can be repurposed and used via social media.
  • Be sure to ad alt text to your photos.  The alt text you provide will need to be SEO / keyword rich.  This makes your product accessible to people and search engine crawlers. 

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