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5 out of 5 stars    

Beautifully done sign! Lettering is perfectly placed, gorgeous and classy - looks exactly like the close-up photos. I requested a jute rope to follow a beach aesthetic, but the artist may customize per order. Delivery persons have followed the instructions on the sign, it is easy to read and I’m happy that the word “please” is included. Thanks to this sign, I no longer have to bend all the way down to the ground to pick up packages, they are left on the front porch table. Well worth the purchase, many thanks to the seller!

Singing D

5 out of 5 stars    

Beautifully made sign. Exactly what I wanted. Now I just hope the delivery people read and follow the directions! Really fast shipping and careful packaging to ensure that it arrived safely. If I need another sign I would order from you. I will certainly recommend you to my friends as one of mine did to me. Thank you very much!


5 out of 5 stars    

The sign is perfect!! It’s effective and beautiful, but isn’t an obnoxious yard sign. It blends in well, yet people will see it when walking their dogs to know we have kiddos who like to play in our front yard.


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I wasn't sure what to expect from Christine when I scheduled a 1:1 video call with her to review my Etsy shop, but I was not disappointed. She went through my shop before our call and had notes as well as suggestions ready for me when the call started. She gave me a few tags to try on my listings that I had not thought of. She showed me how she searches for keywords to have a variety so not using the same ones over and over again. She encouraged me to reach out to my son and nephews for their input so I could offer products to younger people as well as to add more items that speak to men. After the call ended, she immediately messaged me all her notes so I would have them to refer back to as needed. I will be scheduling another 1:1 with her in the near future. 

Rhonda Carter Owner of Rhonda's Shop Co

I learned not long after my mom & opened our Etsy shop that Christine didn’t live far from us. We met up & she gave us many notes & suggestions for increasing traffic to our shop. She had a very successful Etsy shop without a huge social media presence, which means she KNOWS how to create a successful Etsy listing that gets FOUND in an Etsy search. Some time went by & our paths crossed again in a business group & again I asked for her guidance. By then we had reached a larger audience & had many sales, but were in the process of expanding our type of inventory. Again she gave wonderful advice for how to reach my perfect customers & how to improve my listings. Don’t assume your titles & tags are sufficient. Getting traffic to your Etsy store is more difficult than you’d think, but Christine has cracked the code & can help you see success!

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